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Speech of ICT Department

The department of Information and Communication Technology in Gaibandha Govt. College was introduced in 2021. From the beginning, the department is dedicated to provide the best education in the field of IT. The main purpose of the department is to create new areas of knowledge and disseminate this knowledge to the society through its students.
We have well-equipped modern laboratories where the students can learn and demonstrate their theoretical knowledge. The fourth industrial revolution is ticking by blurring the boundaries between the digital and biological worlds with a fusion of advances in different branches of technology. So the department can play a vital role here.
The department opens its doors towards diversity. People from all religion, color, gender welcome to the department.  
Raguib Shahriar
Head of the ICT department 
Gaibandha Govt. College, Gaibandha 

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Raguib Shahriar