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Gaibandha Govt. college is one of the reputed educational institutions in our country. It has a number of departments providing Honours and Master’s courses. 
The Department of Economics started working from 1996 with other nine honours deparments. Md. Abdus   Samad, Associate Professor was the inaugural head of the department. Initialy the honours couses started with only fifty students.
The Department offers an undergraduate programme leading to Bachelor of Social Science (BSS) and a post graduate programme leading to Master of Social Sciences (MSS) in Economics. We have a rich seminer for our students. We regularly arrange  extra- curricular activities for our students to flourish their dormant qualities to make them worthy citizens. 
Now almost 700 students study in our department both in BSS and MSS programme.

The department has six teachers and two office assistants. I am lucky and feel proud of our department for maintaining high academic standard. Economics is not only a valid and researchable but also a resourceful and job oriented subject. Studying of this subject makes us rational and more practical in our personal and professional life. That is why Economics has become an important course for study all over the globe.

I, welcome all of our students who have already completed and chosen Economics as their subject. The students who have already completed their degrees are serving in different national and international positions. I also suggest students wishing to take higher courses to study Economics for developing their knowledge which is very essential in every sector in our national and internationl life.
I wish every success for all.

Md. Helal Sarker

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Md. Helal Sarker
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