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‘TEER’ Gaibandha Govt. College Unit. 
“Team for Energy and Environmental Research-(TEER)” of Gaibandha Govt. College unit a student based environment and wildlife Conservation organization is working tirelessly to conserve the environment, wildlife and biodiversity in Gaibandha district .
At one time, it became a custom to hunt wild animals with air guns, traps or in various ways, as a result of which many species of wild animals have disappeared from nature. However, in 2012, after the government enacted the Wildlife Act, wildlife poaching has almost decreased. But wildlife hunting is still going on secretly.Currently, Gaibandha is becoming a model district for environment, wildlife and biodiversity conservation for TEER-Gaibandha Govt. College unit’s activities. 
Bangladesh has a total of 1042 species of wildlife, including about 125 species of mammals, 718 species of birds, 157 species of reptiles and 42 species of amphibians (data source: internet). But due to our ignorance, lack of awareness, short-sighted activities, wildlife and their habitats are under threat today. Already 14 species of wildlife have become extinct from our country and numerous wildlife species are on the verge of extinction today. According to the Wildlife (Conservation and Security) Act-2012, hunting, killing, capturing and selling wild animals is a punishable offence, with a maximum penalty of 1 year imprisonment and a maximum fine of 50,000 taka. What many people don’t know, and many people don’t follow it even if they know it. Due to indiscriminate hunting, many wild animals are getting lost.By observing these, voluntary organization TEER Gaibandha Govt. College unit is working to declare Gaibandha as a safe habitat for wildlife.
On behalf of the organization, various activities are being carried out in Gaibandha in addition to creating awareness about stopping of buying and selling of wild animals, rescuing, treating and releasing captured native species of birds. Apart from this,TEER is conducting environmental and wildlife safety campaigns to increase public awareness in schools and colleges, haat-bazaar and including nearby public places .There is also a huge response from the public.
The number of native species of wildlife in our country has started to decrease day by day due to cutting off trees, food shortage, excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in agricultural fields, natural calamities and increasing ferocity of hunters. Therefore, the organization has started many activities to protect environment .
Not only that, the organization is involved in various works including keeping College campus clean to prevent the environment pollution and encouraging everyone about planting trees in our College campus, beside roads and unused lands .In the meantime, many young people have started participating in these activities including conservation of environment and wildlife.
On June 4, 2011, TEER was established in Govt. Azizul Haque College and strated it’s work observing World Environment Day on June 5, 2011 and till now, TEER has been playing a vital role in various activities to save the environment and wildlife.
TEER is the largest environmentalist organization run by young students in Bangladesh.Volunteers of TEER have been working jointly with the Forest Department and IUCN. TEER Govt. Azizul Haque College is the central and has a regional and a complete Unit in Gaibandha Govt. College.TEER Biharhat Regional Committee is conserving a bird colony at Bihar area in Shibganj upazila near Bogra city. Which is directly managed from the central committee of TEER since 2014.
TEER’s mission is to learn by oneself, to implement one’s learning, to teach others, to keep the environment free from pollution and to make people more aware of the environment. Apart from this, the aim of TEER is to play a leading role in raising awareness among the public to create a pollution-free and clean society and to adopt forestation programs to protect the balance of the environment and socio-economic development.
To build a movement to protect the existing biodiversity of the country through the conservation of it’s habitat through public involvement. To tell people what is environment pollution. Informing the public about how climate change affects these areas. To investigate the causes and remedies of climate change and environment pollution and to accelerate the role of common people and student society to solve the problems caused by climate change.
On 20th June, 2019, ‘TEER’ Gaibandha Govt. College Unit started it’s journey by celebrating World Environment Day at Gaibandha Govt. College. After various activities and skill development workshops, on September 21, 2019, the convening committee of TEER Gaibandha Govt. College unit was announced by the then principal of Gaibandha Govt. College Prof. Md Mizanur Rahman in the presence of TEER’s advisers. Zeesun Mahmud was selected as convener and Md. Solaiman Sarkar as secretary of member.Later in 2020-21 Zeesun Mahmud was appointed as the President and Md. Mosharraf Hossain as the General Secretary and a full committee of 21 member was appointed.At present Md. Jahid Rayhan is the President and Jannatul Maowa is the General secretary of the 2022-23 executive committee.
TEER-Gaibandha Govt. College unit is also working to conserve various species of wild animals and return them to their natural habitat. Already more than a hundred wild animals have been rescued and released into nature by the support of forest department and local police .Moreover, various works such as helping flood affected peoples, organizing workshops on environment and biodiversity, college campus cleaning and awareness campaign, setting up dustbins at various places in the campus, distribution of environmental awareness leaflets among the students,Observance of National Days (Mother Language Day, Mourning Day, Independence Day, Victory Day e.t.c.), World Environment Day (5th June), World Wildlife Day (3rd March), International Day of Forests (21st March), World Earth Day (22nd April), World Migratory Bird Day (May 9), World Biodiversity Day (May 22) etc. are celebrated.
Now ‘TEER’ Gaibandha Govt. College Unit has active members more than 150. All the volunteers of this organization are working to change the mindset of everyone. They want to spread the touch of wildlife and nature love in everyone’s heart.
If there is any kind of wildlife crime to inform ‘TEER’ Gaibandha Govt. College Unit contract at +8801790-569693 .
‘TEER’ was awarded a national award (Bangabandhu Award for Wildlife Conservation Award-2021) by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change,Bangladesh.
The Principal of Gaibandha Govt. College and TEER’s advisor Prof. Md. Khalilur Rahman said, “TEER is contributing to conserve the environment, nature and biodiversity.I wish TEER’s success. May they fulfill their goals and objectives with devotion.”

Thanked by

Md. Jahid Rayhan
President (Executive Committee 2022-23)
‘TEER’-Gaibandha Govt. College Unit.